Ren and Stimpy Collector Figures

Ren and Stimpy Figures

What better way to show your love of Ren and Stimpy other than displaying the characters on your office desk? These collector figures are perfect for the avid fan! There are 6¬†figurines in the package and the collection includes the following characters – Ren Stimpy Powdered Toast Man Mr. Horse Sven Log The characters are…

Ren and Stimpy T-shirt

Ren and Stimpy t-shirt

Display your love to everyone with your own Ren and Stimpy T-shirt. These t-shirts come in all sizes and are Officially Licensed! Being the huge fan of this show that I am, I have one for myself and what can I say, its a tshirt with Ren and Stimpy on it. 100% cotton, machine washable,…