Season 1 (1990-1991)

Episode No. Title Original airdate Episode Link
0 (Pilot) “Big House Blues” August 10, 1990
This is the original pilot episode, the one that started the whole shebang! In this opening episode we meet Ren & Stimpy, Jasper, Phil, and the rest of the crew. We are introduced to how Ren and Stimpy are homeless and starving. As a result they are nabbed by the dog catcher and then send to the pound. While in the pound they get scared thinking Phil has been permanently put to sleep. While suffering in the pound and thinking that they are both doomed, a sweet little girl comes in and adopts both of them after being fooled into thinking Ren was a poodle due to Stimpy coughing up hairballs on him.


Episode No. Title Original airdate
1 “Stimpy’s Big Day” August 11, 1991
This is the first regular season episode, and in this one right off the bat after winning a contest on writing a poem (which is hilarious) Stimpy packs his bags and decides to leave Ren at the house and move to the big city glamour of Hollywood and attempt to become a movie star. Ren is left behind and feels very lonely and misses Stimpy…


Episode No. Title Original airdate
2 “The Big Shot” August 11, 1991
This show played right after the first episode in a Ren and Stimpy double-header! Picking up where the earlier episode left off, Stimpy is enjoying his life in Hollywood and meanwhile Ren is still feeling very lonely and moping around the house feeling sorry for himself. Eventually, Stimpy starts to miss Ren and he decides to leave and move back in with his good ‘ol buddy.