Ren and Stimpy Collector Figures

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Ren and Stimpy Figures

What better way to show your love of Ren and Stimpy other than displaying the characters on your office desk? These collector figures are perfect for the avid fan! There are 6 figurines in the package and the collection includes the following characters -

  • Ren
  • Stimpy
  • Powdered Toast Man
  • Mr. Horse
  • Sven
  • Log

The characters are 2 inches in size and very detailed showcasing the best features of each individual personality. For fans of the show, you can’t help but love playing with these little guys! :) And yes as a fully grown adult I do not mind admitting that I occasionally play with them myself. And one of these days when my kids are a little older I will use them to introduce them to these crazy characters and show. Currently, they are a little too young for the risque plots of the shows and I don’t want to warp their minds too early! There will be enough time for that later on, but for now these Ren and Stimpy Collector Figures will be stored safely at my place of employment.

Speaking of that, they are great conversational pieces, I’ve had several of my coworkers come to my desk and comment on the characters and then we start¬†reminiscing about our favorite Ren and Stimpy episodes, and or just talk in general about our memories of the show. It really does jar the sub-conscience for folks who haven’t thought about the show in a decade but buried in the back of their head are those scarred images from some of the more memorable grotesque segments of the series.

Order your Ren and Stimpy Collector Figures using the link below! Keep them in their packaging and you may also have some extra value down the road!

Ren and Stimpy Figures

Ren and Stimpy Figures



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