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Horses Have Feelings TooStimpy: Hey, Ren, this horse reminds me of your Uncle Eddie.
Ren: Why is that?
Stimpy: Because he’s big and stinky.
Ren: Hey, you shouldn’t say mean things like that! Didn’t you ever consider that this horse might have feelings?


The History Eraser ButtonRen: Now listen, Cadet. I’ve got a job for you. See this button?
Ren: Don’t touch it! It’s the History Eraser button, you fool!
Stimpy: So what’ll happen?
Ren: That’s just it. We don’t know. Maybe something bad, maybe something good. I guess we’ll never know, ’cause you’re going to guard it. You won’t touch it, will you?


Singing a song to the tune of God Save the QueenStimpy: Our country reeks of trees, our yaks are really large, and they smell like rotting beef carcasses. And we have to clean up after them, and our saddle sores are the best. We proudly wear women’s clothing and searing sand blows up our skirts. And the buzzards they soar overhead, and poisonous snakes will devour us whole, and our bones will bleach in the sun. And we will probably go to…

[bleep] Stimpy: and that is our great reward for being the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen!


Ren and Stimpy Closing out a showRen: Boy, Stimpy… we sure had fun today, didn’t we? So long, kids! Come on, Stimpy, say goodbye.
Stimpy: Duh, where are we going?
Ren: [to Stimpy] The show’s over.
Ren: See you next time!
Stimpy: Next time? When’s that?
Ren: Pretty soon. Don’t worry.
Stimpy: Pretty soon?
Stimpy: How long is that?
Ren: In a little while, man!
Stimpy: [crying] A little while? What’ll we do ’til then?
Ren: Why, you could shave your yak… or eat olive loaf!
Stimpy: Blecch!
Ren: I know! You can keep yourself busy with this!
[gives Stimpy a bag of Gritty Kitty Litter] Stimpy: Oh, joy!
[takes the bag and runs off-screen] Stimpy: [bag-tearing and litter-crunching noises are heard] Ren: [getting pelted with clumps of litter] Eh… goodbye, folks!
Stimpy: Duh, goodbye, folks!


Mr Fan ClubRen: You! You and your fan mail, Mr. Fan Club. Everyone love you, don’t they? Well, guess what the mailman brought for you today? *Nothing!* This letter’s for me! You, they have forgotten! Now it is me they love. It is I who am most loved! It is I who shall rule! You see? This is the proof that you are finished!

[Opens letter] Ren: Listen! Listen to what it says. Dear Ren: – That’s me, that’s me! – You are my favorite TV star. Are you getting this?
[Rubs the letter on Stimpy's face] Ren: It’s me they love! I am *king*! When I grow up, I want to be just like you. How about that?
[Elbows Stimpy in the stomach; Stimpy doubles over with pain] Ren: A man with some ambition! You are my favorite person in the whole world. Love – He says love – Your friend… Stimpy?